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Buy Yourself Big Girl Panties!

Go ahead. Do it. You won't be sorry. Just buy yourself Big Girl Panties.

I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book.

Stephanie Evanovich is now on my auto-buy list. In my humble opinion, she reminds me a bit of Jennifer Crusie in style.

I'd like to say that although there is a strong romance in this book, I would not classify it as romance novel. I'm not suggesting in any way that you pass on this book (you'd be missing out if you did), but as a hardcore romance reader, you may just need to look at it with a bit of a different eye.

This a touching, humorous novel with a bit of everything. Although I had a few small issues, they in no way took away from my enjoyment of the novel.

It was refreshing to have a totally normal woman in Holly. She's not super thin or crazy sexy or any of those verbose adjectives which tend to annoy me sometimes. As she changes and grows in the novel, her inner beauty radiates outward, thereby actually making her more desirable.

Logan is …

Reading is(Still) Sexy

I've run my own book club(Reading is Sexy) for many years. And through those years my club has gone through many changes including membership, to how books are chosen, and even how I run the meetings.

We meet once a month and in between all the food, drink and catching up on life, we talk about books. I should point out that we strictly read romance. Which may sound fun or easy, but in reality can be quite challenging when trying to choose a book to read. Certain members won't (and I mean flat out refuse) to read some types of books and we tend to shy away from a group of authors but only because they are dear to (some) of our hearts and no matter how hard I try to keep ugly comments out, sometimes it happens. I mean who wants to hear a favorite author ripped to shreds?

The are perks to the club- we have read books maybe we wouldn't normally choose and have discovered some new authors that have earned a place on our auto-buy lists. We also spend time talking about other …

I Heart Sourcebooks

I have to give a HUGE thanks to Sourcebooks.

I've been lucky enough though my years as a bookseller and leader of a reading group to get (romance books) ARCs (advanced reading copies) from them.

Thanks to Sourcebooks, I have been able to discover so many talented authors that are now on my auto-buy list.

Some of my personal favorite authors are: (in no particular order)

Julie Ann Walker: writes sexy romantic thrillers with humor and heart (and YUMMY heroes)

Brooklyn Ann: writes paranormal regency with a fresh twist and humor and heart

Macy Beckett: writes contemporary romance that are best described as feel good books  

Tawna Fenske: writes contemporary romance with and humor and heart (I just wish she would write faster! LOL)

My friends and members of the readers group have also been able to discover some new favorites and re-discover other authors thanks to Sourcebooks.

So if you are looking for great books for the value of your dollar, you can count on Sourcebooks.